The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that AAUP chapters are organizing at campuses across the country, including Syracuse:

“A growing number of campuses have formed or revived advocacy chapters since 2016 — including more than 30 this year, says Christopher Simeone, director of organizing at AAUP’s national office. …Organizers reviving the chapters say academic freedom is under attack as college “corporatization,” state politics, and an overreliance on adjunct labor threaten to stifle the faculty’s voice” (full article archived here).

The Syracuse University Chapter of the AAUP was re-started in Spring 2018, after a hiatus of several years. Chapter bylaws, an archive of Committee Z reports for SU, and other relevant documents may be found on the “AAUP Documents and Links” subpage (navigation menu upper left).

We encourage Syracuse University faculty to join AAUP and contribute their ideas and abilities to our chapter.

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