April Events

Unions and the University (via zoom): Monday April 24 5:15pm (register here ) and Tuesday April 25 3:45pm (register here): Given the historic unionization win of SU graduate student workers (728-36!), and given National AAUP’s affiliation with unions and support of collective bargaining rights, we decided to do events exploring the broader importance of unions… Read More April Events

SU-AAUP Accomplishments

SU-AAUP in 2021-2022 Convened open member meetings to build an issue campaign from the bottom-up. Worked with Senate AAUP members and subcommittees to pass a motion calling on the administration to halt changes to TIAA benefits for new faculty. Surveyed students to gauge their views on the university’s management of the public health crisis, and… Read More SU-AAUP Accomplishments

May events

Monday May 2, 12:00-1:15pmOn Zoom (register here) A panel discussion of regional AAUP organizers in CNY on strategy and challenges re: building faculty power, featuring: Tuesday May 3, 9:00am-5:00pm: SU AAUP will be tabling under the breezeway at Huntington Beard-Crouse (HBC) adjacent to the quad. Stop by to find out about AAUP and chat with… Read More May events

Petitions concerning changes to benefits

Petition on new TIAA retirement contribution policy for new faculty/staff:https://docs.google.com/document/d/15WxMtZ8E3a64kTeR_QLqk6VTc-A4qXjLA_hBqt_tsWg/edit The University plans for this change to take effect this January 1st. It would effectively create two ‘tiers’ of retirement benefits among faculty and staff. Petition on increases to employee health care premiums:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pQFsUmD1RaBHMQhyQ2dNWriWN7mnakPnxsP-Lx3OPhQ/edit Imminent increases to faculty/staff health care premiums set to also take effect… Read More Petitions concerning changes to benefits

Resolution on Faculty Information Systems (FIS) / Faculty Evaluation

[to be introduced at April 21 Senate meeting] Whereas the Senate recognizes the potential benefits of updating and digitizing processes for faculty evaluation, especially for tenure and promotion review,   Whereas all issues related to faculty evaluation must be developed with meaningful and substantive faculty participation, and the decision to implement a Faculty Information System (FIS)… Read More Resolution on Faculty Information Systems (FIS) / Faculty Evaluation