SU AAUP Forums Campus-wide Survey on Teaching in the Pandemic: Quick Findings

Numerous concerns were discussed at the forums on teaching modality. A detailed report will be distributed at the end of October. Some topics of discussions include:

· Ways to best engage principles of shared governance and the importance of full faculty participating in teaching modality decisions

· Concerns among all faculty ranks that instructors with the least institutional power and security are facing the greatest pressures (direct and indirect) to teach face-to-face.

· Faculty caregiving responsibilities and how those might be addressed by the administration

· Many faculty teaching face to face find themselves teaching hybrid for reasons that include quarantine and remote attendance. Many faculty find hybrid to be unpopular with students.

· Multiple faculty report that they are concerned about their own health and safety as well as the health of their families, students, colleagues, and community.

Any faculty experiencing pressure to choose a particular modality–or any other infringement of faculty rights–please report it to SU-AAUP. Send an email to

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