SU-AAUP Student Survey on COVID


In October 2021, SU-AAUP conducted a survey of students in order to get a better understanding of their experiences around Covid during the Fall semester. Based on nearly 400 student responses (305 from undergraduate students and 90 from graduate students), survey results reflect student concerns about a range of issues: from anxieties about missing class if they are isolated for Covid, to confusion about required protocols for contact tracing or isolation/quarantine procedures, and inconsistent enforcement of masking policies. 

We recommend the SU Administration work with appropriate bodies, such as the Senate Committee on Instruction, the Provost’s Office, the Public Health Team, the Covid Management Office, and Marketing and Communication to:

  • Develop clear expectations and provide support for faculty and students to accommodate changing situations in the classroom. Work closely with faculty governance structures (Faculty Councils, SU AAUP, the Senate committee on Academic Affairs) to provide guidance for individual faculty that will maximize students’ ability to access missed course material, while prioritizing their health. [Note: hybrid and online classes greatly increase faculty workload, and should not be required absent faculty consent, compensation, and adequate IT support.]
  • More strongly enact and make public the enforcement mechanisms for faculty, students, and staff abiding by masking requirements. 
  • Further develop communication strategies to clarify procedures, especially around Covid exposure, contact tracing, isolation, quarantine, and return to class.
  • Consider mandatory testing every 7-14 days for vaccinated students, faculty, and staff.
  • Consider continuing mask mandate rather than a tiered system

Read our report here PDF

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