SU-AAUP Accomplishments

SU-AAUP in 2021-2022

  • Convened open member meetings to build an issue campaign from the bottom-up.
  • Worked with Senate AAUP members and subcommittees to pass a motion calling on the administration to halt changes to TIAA benefits for new faculty.
  • Surveyed students to gauge their views on the university’s management of the public health crisis, and shared survey results in a letter to the D.O.
  • Formed SU-AAUP Chapter working groups on COVID safety, NTT contract language review, tenure and contingent faculty, and online education.
  • Attempted several times to organize an open faculty meeting with Provost Ritter; she has declined every invitation.
  • Engaged persistently with the administration in representing faculty concerns regarding public health issues and COVID-related policies

SU-AAUP in 2020-2021

  • Convened open fora with members to set EC priorities for advocating for faculty teaching and researching during the pandemic.
  • Met with administrators to press for faculty and graduate student control over teaching modality.
  • Met with administrators to press for data-driven decisions on airflow, bathroom safety, and COVID dashboard structure, timing, and kinds of information
  • With substantial and ongoing collaboration with our membership, the EC drafted the AAUP “Alternate Framework” for opening campus in fall 2020. This had three major sections: pedagogy; health/safety; and social justice. We distributed this alternate framework and navigated administrative responses to it.
  • Successfully intervened in the administration’s aim to enact and require a midterm evaluation of undergraduate courses by forcing the administration to take the proposal through the Senate committee structure, in this case the Committee on Instruction.
  • Successfully intervened in administration’s aim to purchase and require an FIS, and to require a data-summary “box” on the top sheet of every tenure and promotion file.
  • The social-racial justice subcommittee formed, composed the third plank of the Alternate Framework, and distributed a letter in support of it to administration. It also published an op-ed in the Daily Orange of Judson Albahm’s murder by police in Jamesville.

SU-AAUP prior to 2020 (the pandemic year):

  • Member meeting convened with guests Chancellor, Kent Syverud, and Christopher Newfield who spoke on academic freedom.
  • Member meeting convened with guest historian Dr. Nancy MacLean who spoke on the conservative threats to academic freedom.
  • Member meeting convened with guest Chancellor Syverud, who presented on the “institutional mapping” of top administration.
  • Member meeting convened with guest Prof. Biko Gray, who presented on #NotAgainSU and the need for faculty to align with anti-racist practices and pedagogy, and to take the fight to the BOT

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