Fall Welcome

Save the Date:
General membership meeting
Mon. Oct. 10th at 4:00pm (hybrid)

• Fill out our very brief Issue Campaign Survey by Friday, September 16th
• We continue to pay close attention to the administration’s actions around TIAA-CREF plans and health coverage. And we remain committed to pressing for faculty inclusion on large-scale decisions concerning these issues.
• We are also following all the conversations being held this fall on the university’s Academic Strategic Plan, and we encourage you to attend as many of the open fora as possible (see Engagement Calendar for details).
• Lastly, we want to acknowledge the many concerns we’ve been hearing about the university’s decision to dismantle most of its COVID response plan. While the university’s Public Health Team still nominally exists, it appears they’ve walked back most of the policies and initiatives that were designed to keep us from getting sick over the last two years, including testing procedures, masking requirements, and data collection mechanisms. We urge everyone to check out the university’s COVID Response Checklist for guidelines that have not been proactively pushed out to the university community.
• Please read this statement jointly created by members of the WGS department, which articulates a feminist ethic of care in response to the current public health crisis. The AAUP’s Executive Committee wishes to express its full support for this statement.

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